Valor Quilt Bee is an online, ongoing, EASY-GOING quilting bee to coordinate far-flung individual contributions of blocks for Quilts of Valor tops. These quilts are presented to U.S. servicemembers who have been injured/afflicted on deployment. It is open to everyone who wants to participate. Join the FUN! (To be added to the group, just leave a comment on any posting if your email is turned on in blog land, otherwise send email to: )

About the Bee

First of all, this is a low-maintainance, NO PRESSURE group!
Each person participates WHEN and TO WHAT EXTENT they feel like.
Each person sews whatever style they like best!

You may want to chip in one block a few times a year or several each month. It's entirely up to you and no continual committment is necessary.
Just stick to the 6", 9", 12" finished sizes and Americana colors, and all will be well.  :)

An example of how different kinds of blocks can be melded into a beautiful whole.
It occurred to me that there may be many quilters out there who would like to be a part of the Quilts for Valor program in a social way, but don't have a local guild that participates in the program. And so, I thought I'd organize an online bee that is focused on making Quilts of Valor tops.

Thus: We have the Online for Valor group!So. . . If you would like to contribute to one of these wonderful quilts that bring great comfort and emotional support to U.S. servicememers who have been injured or afflicted in the line of duty, we can make that happen in a
fun and easy way.

Simply make a 6", 9", or 12" block and send it by mail to the central location. (That's the "finished" size, so you'd send blocks that are 6 1/2", 9 1/2", or 12 1/2".) Make as many blocks as you want and send them as often as you feel like doing them! One block every four months? No problem! A simple four-patch? Perfect filler, especially in the 6" size.

These can be any block design you like - modern or traditional, beginner or advanced, hand or machine stitched, fancy or simple. Just stick to the ol' Red, Whitish, and Blue color theme, and it'll work. (Gold looks nice in the mix as well) :D

During the fourth week of each month, I and anyone in the local area will coordinate and assemble these blocks - if enough have accumulated - or work on more blocks.

We'll post pictures of blocks as they come in, tops as they emerge, and anything related that tickles our fancy, such as pics of people receiving a Quilt of Valor, pattern ideas, and techniques we may have tried out while making a block. And please, please post pics of your block(s) when you make them and let the group know what's going in the mail!

This will be fun! Whenever a top is completed, it will be turned in to the Quilt of Valor Foundation to be quilted by one of their longarm contacts, and we will keep track of where our quilts go!!

So. . .
 How 'bout it, Kitty Cat?

Are you online for valor?

Are you ready to do something easy and fun for your
fellow Planet Earth riders?

If so, post a comment saying you'd like to join the group and we'll get you set up as a member so you can post pics of your blocks and add to the storyline as life rolls along.

P.S. Here is a link so you can see what all this hooplah is about! ;D